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Our Residents Have to Say!

“Harbour Village is a wonderful place to live and here are the reasons why I am here. I’ve lived here for 20 months and have loved every day. I made the decision to move here when I turned 80. The apartments have a wonderful floor plan and there are lots of closets. There is a nice ledge outside the door for seasonal decorations. The staff here is wonderful. Very friendly and you can feel free to ask any questions you might have. They are very helpful. The apartments are in the 4 wings that are off the beautiful Atrium. The skylight in the Atrium gives natural light at the end of all the hallways. There is a beautiful dining room. The food is delicious and you have many choices to choose from that are on the menu. It’s just like being in a restaurant with formal service and table linens. There are many social activities to fill your days and entertainment comes in on Monday evenings to entertain us. This all happens in the Atrium. My advice to you would be, look at this as a new experience in your life. You are protected 24/7. You push a button and help comes. It is very quiet here and you will get a good night’s sleep. There is transportation to stores, appointments and church and your apartment gets cleaned as well. This is all included. I hope this helps a little with your decision as to where you want to move to.”

- Jean G., Resident

“My husband, Art was a resident in the memory care community prior to my moving into independent living. The staff was very kind and helpful, making sure I had a chance to visit my husband – making sure I made it to memory care daily. I truly appreciated their kindness and grateful to have this gift of time with my husband, Art. I, like everyone else, have continued to have problems falling, sick days, fatigue and aging – some good days and some bad days. Both staff and therapy have helped and worked with me on an individual basis. Group activities have also helped me work with my problems. I especially enjoy the group activities for a chance to enjoy conversations – memories and smiles each day. It is amazing to me that no matter who you converse with, you can find something in common with. The activities, in addition to enjoying the conversation, usually give you a chance to use your brain. It can be as simple as adding 1 plus 1 equals 2, playing a variety of cards, bingo, discussing life, exercise classes, listen to music, dance or tap your feet, go on trips or just sitting and having a meal with new friends. It somehow all ends up with a smile and helps us greet tomorrow with anticipation of another day in life – meeting new friends, talking about memories, continued learning, having fun. I guess you can call it “LIVING LIFE”. Thank you Harbour Village, for all of the experiences.”

- Rosemary K., Resident

“I lived in my home for 12 years after my husband passed away and had become very lonely and felt I needed to be with people and participate in new/fun activities. The programming calendar at Harbour Village seemed like the perfect match for me. There is no other senior living residence that offers all the activities that Harbour Village does. They are so well planned that anyone who comes to live at Harbour Village will be pleased with what is offered to us.”

- Phyllis R., Resident

“Without going into my background why I feel self-assured at Harbour Village, when I lived in the assisted living community, my wife was in hospice care. She needed a lot of care. They took very good care of her and they did everything she needed! She passed away and now I am in the independent community. Let me just say, people who take care of me here, truly CARE. They don’t feel like they are being overworked. As far as the dining goes, it is amazing how the staff walk around the dining room just to see if anyone needs anything, even before they need to ask. When we are talking maintenance, if you need something you can put a work order in, and they take care of it as soon as they can. They do not feel like they are doing you a favor, because they want to help you. The living/care that is here keeps me well satisfied. I have never been dissatisfied at Harbour Village. Everyone cares here and it shows. It is really unbelievable.”

- Colonel Frank J., Resident

“One of the best decisions we have made was to move to Harbour Village. We came here from St. Louis, Missouri in January 2016. We have two daughters living nearby who were able to check out various senior living communities for us. We listed our priorities as follows: A place where we could live independently but have assisted living and/or memory care available to us if needed; two bedroom, two bathroom apartment; good meals every day. Harbour Village fulfilled all our needs, plus gave us the added bonus of transportation to medical appointments and a variety of activities to participate in. We also appreciated having physical therapy available on-site when one of us had major surgery and the other had a broken shoulder. Additionally, we have made many new friends and find the staff and residents very friendly. It just makes you feel good when you meet someone as you are walking through the community and they call you by name.”

- Paul & Gwen F., Residents

“We chose Harbour Village because we had toured by invitation when it first opened while still living in our Greendale home. We were very impressed by everything they discussed and showed us. When we knew we had to sell our home, we immediately chose to live at Harbour Village. This meant we would stay in Greendale where we had lived for 53 years, and this is where we want to live for the rest of our lives. We appreciate the help given to us by the staff and the caregivers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are wonderful, and we enjoy all the activities offered. Additionally, all the people here are very friendly.”

- Carolyn K., Resident